Under the direction of Associate Professor David Lines and Dr Millie Locke, an exciting new, mixed-medium, postgraduate pathway in Music Education Is being opened up in the School of Music at the University of Auckland starting in 2020.  Click HERE for more information. For inquiries, contact Millie.


Orff New Zealand Aotearoa offers 6-day certificated courses at four levels (l-IV) in the Orff approach appropriate to the needs of both specialist and generalist teachers working in early childhood, primary, intermediate and lower secondary school settings. These courses, with an emphasis on hands-on, interactive processes introduces the Orff approach which is characterised by the integration of speech, movement and music with a focus on improvisation.

Level 1 & 2 courses are led by New Zealand-based teachers, each highly experienced and highly knowledgeable in the Orff approach and, in particular, in its application within Aotearoa.


Orff New Zealand Aotearoa offers a range of workshops suited to early childhood, primary and lower secondary teachers and also people with an interest in the application of the approach in community and therapeutic music-making contexts.

We thank The Wallace Foundation for supporting ONZA's workshop programme.


Primary Teacher Workshops 5-12 yrs


Music and Movement Workshops
for Early Childhood Teachers and
Carers of 0-6 year olds