Drum and Dance!

DATE: Saturday 31 October  2020, 9 am - 1 pm
VENUE:  Eastern Hutt School, 53 Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt, Wellington

Come and explore hand-drums and folk dancing in this interactive workshop! Lindsey will share the process she uses to teach a hand drumming piece to her students, as well as explore how she creates hand drum materials to use in the classroom.  Rani, Suzanne, and Priya will share a few favourite folk songs and dances for joyful collective singing and dancing for young and old.


Lindsey Mason

Lindsey has been teaching music in a variety of settings for over 25 years in both New Zealand and the United States. She is currently the music specialist at Evans Bay Intermediate School, where she directs the orchestra and choir, as well as teaches general music classes. Lindsey has done Orff Levels courses in the United States, as well as New Zealand, and has a passion for embodying the elements of the Orff approach in her teaching across a variety of settings.

Rani Allan

Rani uses dance and folk music in my work with groups, especially those living with dementia. Particular folk songs connect people to their childhood or youth, these memories bring them alive, smiling, laughing and moving in time to the beat. Folk songs often connect people to their heritage and culture giving a sense connection to others who share the same and their identities. Some of these fun and reminiance songs will be shared in our Folk dancing session.

Priya Gain

Suzanne Thom

Suzanne and Priya have experience singing and dancing with children from early childhood through to upper primary years.  Folk songs and dances are a central part of their Orff based teaching programmes and in this workshop they will each share a favourite.

To register for this workshop:

Register your name and details online HERE. Then, use your own internet banking facility to make a direct deposit into the ONZA account at BNZ 02 0248 0073940 097     Reference: Your surname; Code: Well20Oct. Entering your surname means you will be registered. Payment by Credit card is also available.

Cost includes morning tea. 

    • Registration Fee $10

This workshop is funded by the Networks of Expertise.

For inquiries email:  Lindsey Mason