KABOOM Percussion Workshop

DATE: Monday 17 August 2020, 4 pm -5.30 pm
VENUE: Eastern Hutt School,  53 Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt 5010, Wellington.

We all know that kids love hitting things - so why not embrace this enthusiasm and use it to engage your students in a whole range of musical activities! In this workshop, Kaboom will guide participants through a collection of their favourite classroom percussion activities that they have used with students all over the world. Through the use of body percussion as well as simple and inexpensive objects such as buckets, cups and drum sticks, essential musical techniques and theory are taught in a fun and engaging setting. These games and pieces are designed to be quick to learn and fun to play, with aspects of composition, teamwork, and choreography thrown into the mix that make them scalable in difficulty for primary through to secondary students. Participants will leave the workshop with a collection of activities that they can apply straight away to their classrooms. Come along and hit things with Kaboom!

Kaboom Percussion is made up of Catherine Betts and Joshua Webster. Both freelance percussionists based in Perth, Western Australia, they have a wide range of musical experience between them, and have been working together for the past 15 years. They both work as performers, instrumental teachers, ensemble directors, and composers, and they play a mean cup!
They have been playing as Kaboom since 2014, and have performed to more than 70,000 students across Australia and New Zealand. Their fun percussion videos have had more than 70 million views and their YouTube channel has more than 270,000 subscribers! They've toured all around Australia and New Zealand, and have worked with music teachers and students in America, Hong Kong, Italy, Azerbaijan, and are excited to be heading to Turkey in 2020. 
Catherine and Joshua both have Masters degrees in percussion from the University of Western Australia and the WA Academy of Performing Arts respectively, and both play regularly with the WA Philharmonic and the Perth Symphony Orchestra. When they're not percussing, Cat is cross stitching up a storm, and Josh is practising card tricks and building dioramas.

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Cost includes afternoon tea.

    • Registration Fee $35

For inquiries email:  Lindsey Mason