Level 1 Christchurch (Spring course)

Monday October 8 to Saturday October 13,  2018
Christchurch School of Music, 60 Ferry Rd

Orff New Zealand Aotearoa is offering this 6-day course in the Orff approach, which is appropriate to the needs of both specialist and generalist teachers working in early childhood, primary, intermediate and lower secondary school settings. The Level 1 course is a hands-on, experiential and gentle introduction to the practices and principles of the Orff approach. Participants in this course can achieve ONZA certification at Level 1.

Inquiries: Celia Stewart

Please note: ONZA offers a scholarship for this Level 1 6-day workshop.   Click on the  link to find out more.

FEES: Participants must be current members of ONZA (i.e. 2018)

  • Earlybird (if paid by Monday, August 13, 2018): $600
  • If paid after August 13, 2018: $750

To apply for or renew ONZA membership go to Membership page.

To register and pay for Level 1

Register your name and details online HERE. Then, use you own internet banking facility to make a direct deposit into the ONZA account at BNZ 02 0248 0073940 097 (Reference: Your surname; Code: L1CH18). Entering your surname means you will be registered.