MarImBa HIrE

ONZA offers its members the opportunity to apply for a one-year hireage. The cost is $150 ($100 for set of three xylophones with carry-cases) plus a refundable bond of $50. Schools need to have current organisational membership for that year($60).
A limited number of instruments are available for hire:


3½ octave tenor marimba


Set of 6 xylophones (Auckland only)


Set of 3 xylophones with carry cases (Auckland only)


Contra-bass marimba

The purpose of this service is to provide instruments to schools in which a dedicated music teacher wants to demonstrate the suitability and value of such instruments in establishing a participatory music programme. Once this is done, the school leaders and community are more likely to agree to funding applications to purchase instruments which will support an ongoing programme.

Application for hireage in 2024 is open to current ONZA members. Please note the deadline for application is 17th November 2023.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by the end of November.
Factors taken into account for the hireage of instruments include the following:

Evidence of on-going commitment to a music programme

Evidence of availability of teaching expertise in the Orff-based participatory approach to music education

School participation in community events, which will feature marimba and/or other barred instruments

Auckland teachers contact Rosemary Song  for an application form
Wellington teachers contact Suzanne Thom for an application form
Christchurch teachers contact Celia Stewart for an application