DATE: Saturday 6 March  2021, 9 am - 1.30 pm
VENUE:  Eastern Hutt School, 53 Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt, Wellington

Storytelling through kapa haka with Whaitiri:

There are many forms and styles of Kapa haka (Māori performing arts). However the purpose of kapa haka remains consistent. Whether it’s recording history, sharing knowledge, celebrating, mourning,warning or entertaining, kapa haka is a vehicle for telling our stories.  My workshop will take participants on a journey through 4 significant parts of my life. Each of these four stories on my journey are expressed through  four unique types of kapa haka:  Haka, waiata, pātere (to chant) and waiata-kori. We will wānanga the reo (voice), the pao (beat) and the mahi-a-tinana associated with each type. Participants will gain an insight into multiple forms of kapa haka and a spiritual understanding of how our waiata/haka/etc have their own mauri (life force). 

Creative music and movement using a te ao Maori framework with Rawiri:

Exploring rhythmic and non-rhythmic sound-scapes with low-tech instruments i.e. newspaper, stones, sticks, poi...sound exploration would also include voice, making sounds with our bodies and Te Reo.  For rhythmic soundscapes I will use the waiata 'tihore mai te rangi' and having the participants engage in the dimensions of movement, voice, sound, gesture and Te Reo (words of the waiata) to 'go deeper' into the waiata i.e. a hinengaro, a tinana, a wairua. For the non-rhythmic soundscapes we will work in groups with each member of the group choosing one Atua i.e. Tangaroa, Tawhirimatea... and then exploring the manifestation of their Atua through movement, voice sound, gesture and Te Reo. The group will work together to create the soundscape and the movement motifs for each Atua.


Whaitiri Poutawa

Whaitiri Poutawa

Ko Ngāti Kahungunu tōku Iwi

Ko Ngati Hinepare te hapū

Ko Tuhirangi te maunga

Ko Tutaēkuri te awa

Ko Moteo te Marae

Ko Whaitiri Poutawa ahau.

It was at Hato Pāora College in the Manawatu where my journey into Māoritanga began it course. After 5 years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade where I was privileged to represent both Aotearoa New Zealand and my Māori culture around the world. Later my passion for dance would open more doors to travel the world, representing New Zealand twice at the World Hip-hop Championships, winning in 2004. My whānau bought me home and started me on a new journey working with youth in both the community and in residence. The work was so fulfilling but the opportunity to incorporate my culture into my practice was, at the time, difficult to achieve. And so I found my way to where I am now and have been for 10 years; delivering kapa haka, Māori culture, Tikanga, identity, leadership development and Te Reo Māori to schools and communities (

Rawiri Hindle

Rawiri Hindle currently works in a Kura Māori in the Wellington region, teaching performing arts as well as running a ‘Creatives in Schools’ (on cultural responsiveness through Ngā Toi Māori) project in an English-medium school.  Rawiri has held the role of national co-ordinator for the NZ Māori-medium arts curriculum Ngā Toi Māori.  More recent projects include evaluation of Te Kotahitanga (a Māori student secondary school achievement project), evaluation of the He Kākano project, and one of 23 invited delegates to the UNESCO panel Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, meeting in China.  Rawiri Hindle’s research, practice and knowledge platforms explore the role that Māori arts education plays in deepening understandings of the intangible components of embodied knowing as it manifests as ‘being.’ His research is situated in Māori and indigenous perspectives that regards knowledge as a holistic mind, body, and soul phenomena. 


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This workshop is funded by the Networks of Expertise.

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