No.3 The Lighthouse

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Christoph Maubach  introduces a song based on a poem:

The Light house by. Myles McLeod Llwyngwril, Wales 2010





Through the icy moonless mist

A slice of radar ray clarity

A beat

A beam

A wave

A rock

A bow

A boat

A shock

Of foam

Circle of warning

To guide us home


Myles McLeod Llwyngwril, Wales 2010

    1. The ideas shared here can work for online or face-to-face situations.
    2. You can create hand movements interpreting the images which the Lighthouse poem evokes.
    3. Starting points for creative movements could be two hands in opposite corners of the screen.
    4. Find different hand movements for words such as ‘A beat’, ‘A Beam’ and others.

  1. Listen to and watch the Lighthouse song with Ukulele and hand movements.
  2. Here is a link to the YouTube version of the Lighthouse Song with Ukulele and movement. It has been created with a software tool called Easy Virtual Choir.

  1. If you wish to sing along with this YouTube version mute yourself and sing along.
  2. Sing along with the song and add hand movements.
  3. You could also sing with sol-fa syllables or on doo, doo, doo.
  4. In a face-to-face situation create more whole-body movements to the song.
  5. You could also have one group of participants sing as the other group creates movements to the images of the song.
  6. Extension activity: Remember the movements that I shared for the different lines of the song?
  7. What line belongs to my movements? I will show you some movements for a particular line of the song, you have to sing the melody that belongs to my movement. For instance, if I show the ‘storm movements’ with my arms, you have to sing, ‘…I help the ships on a stormy night’.
  8. Try this with other phrases as well.
  9. Consider creating untuned percussion ostinati for the song.
  10. What instrument(s) may fit the depiction of the beam of the lighthouse?
  11. What instrument(s) may fit the musical depiction of the arrival of a storm?
  12. What will it sound like when the storm arrives from the distance and then comes closer?
  13. What does it sound like when the storm is moving away?
  14. We listen to an excerpt – about one minute – of Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Storm’, Op. 76 (an Overture in E minor).

  1. Can you listen very carefully to find out when the large waves are rolling in? The music shows us quite clearly when this big wave is rolling in.
  2. What kind of hand movements would you create to show a large wave rolling in and then petering out?

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